Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Courage to Take Risk in Life

There are so many people in our society they are successful and there are some who are not successful . What is main difference between a successful and unsuccessful people is just two letter UN .

Main issue comes when you don't want to take Risk in Life.. Never think that what others will think about you.. Just do the work . There is only two option either you will win or loose . If you win then well and good and if you loose then also well and good because you will learn that this method is wrong.

Events in life always give some lesson to you ..
Believe that what ever happen is always good because you are just an artist in the world and your remote is in hand of GOD.

What ever you do just devote to god you will be free from sin because you are just a medium of the work and director is someone else.

If your basic need i.e. Food , house and other is fulfilled then there is no fear to take risk Go ahed and achieve your Dream..

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Aim of Life

Each and every person  in this world is born with  certain works and aim . Their role is almost fixed by this  nature (GOD-Generate Operate , Destruction) . 

Many people said that they are trying to search themselves actually they tried to know the reason and aim of their life on this earth once they got it they become great and Ideal for others.  A common man like me you(Reader's of this blog) is always busy to collect money and facilities for life and it never get ends.
Once we achieve one thing next day we try to get another thing and this process continues till our life. 
One simple example is when we study  in school our target is o achieve good marks and study hard once schooling is over our next target is o search for College and career for our self  Once this is achieved we again try for job and once we get some sort of salaried job again we are in search of more salary job if this is also achieved we try for more and more and more this process continue till our whole life and one day we leave all this on this earth and Nature absorb us. 

This process continue for each and every person on this earth. Just a moment think it little bigger when a country is in developing stage it try for more facilities and try to become Developed Nation once this is achieved The country try to reach to moon , Jupitor,Mars, Sun etc etc and shows his development to world about the technology and science of its achievements . All this process continue and its endless process.

Nature Given us a very good challenge that as much we try to know about nature it become more and more complex and vast . Till date our scientist have acquired so much knowledge and  reached till end of our universe but still more is left for explore.

Lets Discuss and find what is AIM of Your Life...........
Frankly I want to say that Our life Fist Aim is to Provide 10 K people Job in IT Industry in coming 5 years and this process continue on every five year for extra 10K people .....

Thursday, 8 June 2017

List of Farmers who got Free Boring Facility From Gov.

Free Booring ( Tube Well) Facility from Govt to Farmers of Basti 

I have traversed the website where I saw list of Free Tube well Farmers . I have opened the List and Got a Very Good Pattern in Data Entry . After Analysis of Data I can Confirm That These Data are entered in Office and there was no work on ground . 
If there is really work on ground the operator must post Picture of work along with Latitude and Longitude ....

Here is link you can check the data and analyse the Reality..

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Cashless Economy and its Effect - Indian Scenario

Dr. Vijay Kumar Tripathi ,
Noour Islam University ,

Kanyakumari Tamilnadu

Introduction- India is a multicultural, multilingual country. Most of the people lives in Village area and 47% of Students drop out their school after Grade 8. Internet and Android phones are almost in every hand but 80% people don’t know various features of their phone. They just know Call, Whatsapp, Facebook  and Youtube as well as use of Camera.
Although government always trying to promote cashless economy and digital literacy among citizens but Basic Infrastructure Like electricity , High Speed Internet is still a Big Barrier.
   Govt. reduced the printing of cash money and there is lack of cash in ATM but most of the people don’t know how to do online transaction and there is a fear for data hacking and money loss. Recently attack of RamSumware Virus on 150 countries computers also created a strong feeling among public that their data can be hacked any time.
In this article I am going to Highlight main points of cash less Economy, Its Effect on Indian Society.
Keyword- Cashlesh, Internet, Security , Economy.
Obstacles in Cashless Society
1-Cashless Society- This is a society where use of cash money is very less in Daily life. Most of the expenses related to Daily use like Electric Bill, Telephone bill, Grocery Items, Travel Charges are paid via Credit/Debit Card/Net Banking.
2-Digital Literacy – To be a cashless society digital literacy is very important along with general knowledge of Phishing, Scam and Virus.  Digital training must be provided from Primary classes onwards then only Citizen will be fully digitally literate.
3- Government Website- It is very common that 90% of Govt. sites are too complicated and very slow For example just visit State Department Tax Website, EPF, ESI, GST or digitizeindia all website are very slow and lots of information is asked. Main problem Aries when people want to pay tax at that time they are paying money and spending lots of time to fill the site and if site does not work then most of the people says leave it.
4-Bank Charges- Almost all banks impose charges on online transaction along with service tax it is also a big obstacle for cashless economy. At every online transaction people pay on average Rs. 6.00 if any company does 100 transaction in a month then he is charged 600 monthly which is useless.

Solutions for Cashless Society
1- Secure Transaction- All online transaction must be secure and highly encrypted. 
2-Digital Literacy – People must be trained on priority basis for digital literacy and online transaction. There must be accountability of bank and transaction channel on loss of data and amount of transaction loss.
3- Government Website – Govt. Must make its site simple and easy to use. The Speed of site must be improved and necessary infrastructure for Digital Transaction must be  provided to public.
4-Bank Charges- Bank must encourage digital transaction by removing bank charges and providing reward to public who does maximum transaction in a month or year.

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Saawan Kay Andhey Ko Hara hi Hara Kyo Dikhta Hai?

सावन के अंधे को हरा -हरा क्यों दीखता है?
आज दक्षिण भारत के चेन्नई में डीएमके अध्यक्ष एम करुणानिधि के जन्मदिन समारोह में विपक्षी पार्टियों के बड़े नेता पहुंच रहे हैं और इस बहाने केंद्र सरकार के ख़िलाफ़ एक साझा रणनीति के कयास भी लगाए जा रहे हैं. 

ये सभी नेतावो का बस एक ही सपना है की अपनी पार्टी का जनाधार कैसे बनाये रखा जाये।  आज जबकि पूरी दुनिया में राष्ट्रवाद , विकास का मुद्दा छाया  है ये लोग समझ नहीं पा रहे की कौन सा मुद्दा उछाला जाये।

आज इन्हे लगता है की इंडिया बर्बाद हो रहा है देश टूट रहा है आदि आदि।

सच तो यह है की ऐसा कुछ भी नहीं हो रहा और ना ही होने  वाला है इंडिया की सांस्कृतिक विरासत इतनी समृद्ध है की कितने आक्रांता आये  और चले गए पर इंडिया को कुछ भी नहीं हुआ।

इन नेतावो को लगता है की देश खतरे में है पर जरा यह लोग अपने एयर कंडीशंड रूम से बाहर देखे तो पता चलेगा की आज भी ट्रेन में उतनी ही भीड़ है , अस्पताल  में उतने ही मरीज है , बस और ट्रक उसी तरह से चल रहे है , आम लोगो की जिंदगी डेली रूटीन पर ही चल रही है जितना उनके शाशन के समय में था।

यह सारा ड्रामा खुद की सत्ता को बनाए  रखने के लिए  हो रहा है।

करुणानिधि शनिवार को 94 साल के हो रहे हैं. यह समारोह विपक्षी एकजुटता की कुछ पुरानी यादें भी साथ ले आया है.
26 साल पहले, 1989 में उन्हीं के बुलावे पर चेन्नई में विपक्षी दलों के नेता एक मंच पर आए थे और इसका नतीजा वीपी सिंह की अगुवाई वाले राष्ट्रीय मोर्चे के गठन के तौर पर सामने आया था. तब केंद्र में कांग्रेस की सरकार थी, अब बीजेपी की सरकार है.
यह करुणानिधि के राजनीतिक कौशल का भी सबूत है कि वह दोनों तरफ़ से सियासी पारियां खेल चुके हैं. वह अटल बिहारी वाजपेयी की गठबंधन सरकार में साझेदार रहे तो मनमोहन सिंह के समय यूपीए सरकार में भी शामिल रहे.
उनके जन्मदिन पर कांग्रेस उपाध्यक्ष राहुल गांधी, पुड्डुचेरी के कांग्रेसी मुख्यमंत्री वी नारायणस्वामी, बिहार के मुख्यमंत्री नीतीश कुमार, एनसीपी अध्यक्ष शरद पवार, सीपीएम के सीताराम येचुरी, तृणमूल कांग्रेस के डेरेक-ओ-ब्रायन, नेशनल कांफ्रेंस के उमर अब्दुल्ला, सीपीआई के डी राजा और इंडियन यूनियन मुस्लिम लीग के के एम कादिर मोहिदीन शामिल होंगे. आरजेडी के लालू प्रसाद यादव स्वास्थ्य ठीक न होने की वजह से नहीं आ रहे हैं.

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Darna aur Darana Kyo Jaruri hai?

डरना और डराना  क्यों जरुरी है ?
मैने  लास्ट ईयर R O Purifier लगवाया था जिसकी गारंटी १ वर्ष की थी जो की इसी १० May को समाप्त हो गया। 
अब नई बात यह है की कम्पनी का फ़ोन बार बार आता है की सर जी आप अपने R O का इन्शुरन्स करा लो जिसका  शुल्क मात्र  5000  है क्योकि अगर एक वर्ष में कुछ भी ख़राब होता है तो कंपनी फ्री रिपेयर करेगी। मैने  साफ़ मना  दिआ।  अरे जब ख़राब होगा तो चेंज कर लेंगे. 

 अगर आप किसी जीवन बिमा एजेंट से मिले तो वो आपको आपकी लाइफ का इतना खतरा बातएगा  की आपको लगेगा की बस जीना तो एक बहाना है कल परसो ही मर जाना है बीमा कराना ही  करना है। और अगर आप पूछे उस एजेंट से की भाई तुम तो रोज इतना रिस्क पर रहते हो तुमने कितना प्लान लिया है तो वो कहेगा की अभी नहीं लिया बस जल्दी ही ले लूंगा।  

बस यही बात विभिन्न देशो पर भी लागु होती है।  उदहारण के लिए अमेरिका साउथ कोरीया  को डरता है की नार्थ कोरिया हमला कर देगा इसलिए अमेरिका का सैनिक अड्डा साउथ कोरिया में रहना जरुरी है जिसका सारा एक्सपेंस साउथ कोरिया देता है। और नार्थ कोरिया है की रोज रोज एक पटाखा फोड़कर अमेरिका और साउथ कोरिया के साथ साथ अन्य देशो को भी डरता है।  अब इसका लाभ अमेरिका को मिलता है।  अमेरिका अपना मिसाइल डिफेंस सिस्टम सारे देशो को बेचता है और अमेरिका का इकॉनमी बढ़ता है. 

यहां पाकिस्तान की सेना को फ्री में डॉलर देता है जिससे पकिस्तान आतंक को इनक्रीस करे और फिर अन्य देशो को आतंक वाद को रोकने का डिवाइस बेचता है। 

भारत मेंबहुसंख्याको  को अल्पसंख्यों से और अल्पसंख्यको को बहुसंख्योको से डरा कर वोट लिया जाता है।  

वाह  रे डर  तो बडे  काम की चीज़ है। 

Man Ki Baat Part 2

मेरे मन की बात पार्ट २
१- जन धन खाता -----जन धन खाता को अगर जन धन खता कहा जाए तो शायद गलत नहीं होगा।  मैंने भी एक जन धन अकाउंट ओपन कराया है और मै  आज आपको इस अकाउंट की विशेषता बताता हूँ।
--- इस अकाउंट से आपको नेट बैंकिंग की सुविधा नहीं मिलती।
----इस अकाउंट को ओपन करते समय आपका मोबाइल नंबर सही नहीं डाला जाता इसकी जानकारी आपको बाद मे होती है फिर मोबाइल नंबर को अपडेट करने के लिए १० बार बैंक का चक्कर लगाना पड़ता है
--- इस अकाउंट में मैसेज की सुविधा बैंक नहीं देता।  क्या आप जानते है ऐसा क्यों है ? नहीं पता चलो मै  बता देता हूँ। आपका गैस सब्सिडी अगर इस अकाउंट में  आता है तो पूरे  एक साल की टोटल सब्सिडी होगी   12*175== 2100
---अब आपका (३३० + सर्विस टैक्स ) रुपया ऑटो डेबिट होगा अकाउंट से आपके बीमा के लिए फिर (१२+सर्विस टैक्स) डेबिट होगा एक्सीडेंटल इन्सुरेंस के लिए तो आपका बचेगा १७०० रूपया।

to be continue....

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Man ki baat Part 1

मन की बात 

कभी कभी हमारा भी मन करता है की मन की बात कह ही डालू।  आज मै  भी अपने मन की बात पोस्ट करूँगा परन्तु कमेंट को इनेबल रखूँगा। ऐसा नहीं है की सिर्फ मै लिखू और आप रीड  करे।  आप भी कमेंट कर सकते है।

१- गैस की सब्सिडी ---- सरकार  कहती है की जो लोग इस काबिल है की सब्सिडी छोड़ सकते है वो छोड़ दे। मै  गारंटी के साथ कह सकता हूँ की अगर सभी सांसद  , विधायक और सभी राजीनीतिक दलो  के पदाधिकारी अपनी सब्सिडी छोड़ दे  तो 50 % जनता  तुरंत सब्सिडी लेना छोड़ देगी।  इसमे फर्स्ट नाम मेरा होगा।

२- पेट्रोल की बचत ---- देश की जनता सामान्तया एक कार इस्तेमाल करती है परन्तु हमारे  लीडर कही भी जाते है तो मिनिमम ५ से ६ कार होती है।  अरे भाई एक आदमी को जनता की सेवा मे  जाना है तो ५ कार का क्या काम एक कार ही काफी है

३-डिजिटल इंडिया ---मै  डिजिटल इंडिया का फ़ेवर  करता हूँ।  परंतु कही कार या मोटरसाइकिल  लेकर जाना हो तो उसका पेपर क्यों रखना आवश्यक है क्यों नहीं स्कैन कॉपी जो की मोबाइल में  सेव हो उसे एक्सेप्ट किया जाता।

    To be Continue................

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Tourist Places and their significance

Tourist Places and their significance

Tourism contributes a lot in the monetary progression and development of India. India had a known for its diverse culture and substantial and appreciable history. Indian Historical monuments, obelisk, monoliths narrates a anecdote in itself. Since, from the innumerable time Indian tourism is the main center of attraction for most of the foreigners. Also, Indian tourism bestows an interest of research for many researchers across India. Because of these reasons ministry of tourism had now established as one of the chief nodal agency in India. Hence it is a main element in economic development of India.  The main focus of ministry of tourism is to promote the historical monuments, and other destinations owe its own cultural values. It also aims to make available all the facilities to the tourist like food and lodging facilities, drinking water facilities, washroom facilities, ATM facilities, medical facility, shopping facilities, grocery store, food stores and miscellaneous other things at reasonable rates and at frequent intervals. so that more and more tourist gets attracted towards the great Indian culture and history through these memorial, sepulcher and catacomb places.
Also, it helps in generating employment and aids in large amount in reducing the burden of unemployment. As a large group of people are employed in tourism section. Now most important hunk of tourist places, without them we cant think of tourist places, the guide or a chaperone attributed by the department of ministry of tourism.
As visiting to any Indian gravestone without having any comprehension regarding the history and culture of that particular headstone is only like a beautiful pillars standing upright with a beguiling and alluring image of statuette, effigy, models and other sculptures carved on its fence. So this chaperone plays an important role in making tourist familiar with this graceful elegant ravishing monument. They guide in groups and make everyone familiar with those particular monuments.
Also tourism department make sure that souvenir or relic of that particular historical monuments and place should be easily accessible to all tourist visiting over theit at reasonable rate. Souvenir is a text which displays and covers each and every aspects of that place. These souvenir acts as a reminder for the tourist after they return back to their destinations. It also motivates others to visit to that place with beautiful and attractive sites and varied and great culture
Definitions of tourism
Different tourism lovers had defined tourism in different manner. Here we are displaying some of the definition of tourism proposed by different people
The League of Nations (1936) defined foreign tourist as "someone traveling abroad for at least twenty-four hours".
Hunziker and Kraft (1941) elucidated tourism as "the sum of the phenomena and relationships arising from the travel and stay of non-residents, insofar as they do not lead to permanent residence and are not connected with any earning activity."
The Tourism Society of England's in 1976 stated as: "Tourism is the temporary, short-term movement of people to destinations outside the places where they normally live and work and their activities during the stay at each destination. It includes movements for all purposes."
 In 1981, the International Association of Scientific Experts in Tourism defined “tourism in terms of particular activities chosen and undertaken outside the home”
Some Famous Indian Historical Monuments and Destinations
India is a land occupying about 3.287 Km2 areas. Under such a large and wide land area is occupied with lots of states and union territories each known for its own specialty. Each states posses its own tourist attractions and is well known by its extraordinary and especial history. Numerous researches are going on in various historical places in India.
Some of the historical monuments with unique and eminent history illustrated over here –
Hyderabad –
Hyderabad acquires a 650 km2 of land area, capital of Andhra Pradesh with a main language Telugu and Urdu and fourth most populous city with a metropolitan population of 6.7 million. It was established by Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah (1591). Hyderabad has a pleasant tropical wet and dry climate with a temperature is varied from 21–33 °C (70–91 °F). In summers (March–June) hot and humid temperatures. Are there. The coolest weather (December and January), lowest temperature up to 10 °C (50 °F) are observed

Tourist Places - Best places which one should not miss to see in hyderabad are Birla Mandir, Ramoji Film City, Salar Jung Meuseum, Taj Falaknuma Palace, Chilkur Balaji Temple, Golkonda Fort, Shri Jagannath Temple, Chowmallah Palace, Nehru Zoological Park.
        Beautiful and Holy Birla Mandir in Hyderabad
Attractive Ramoji Film city in Hyderabad
How to reach Hyderabad -
There are various transport option by which you can easily reach to hyderabad. First one is International airport, the Rajiv Gandhi International terminal and domestic terminal called NT Rama Rao well-connected to most of the Indian cities and fly daily. The airport is located in Begumpet area 20 Km away from the city. On reaching Hyderabad, many private and prepaid taxis are easily accessible just outside the airport.
Bus facilities from Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation (APSRTC) are also easily available for those who can’t afford air way or having health issues in airport. You can opt for sleeper, deluxe, super deluxe, and air-conditioned and Volvo buses that are operated by both state and private companies. The fare would depend upon the type of the bus and the destination.
Jaipur – Also known as Pink City as this city warmly welcomes tourist for its distinctive and unique beauty. It characterizes by pink pillars and old structures attract the tourist every year. The prominent tourist centers in jaipur which you should visit are Hawa Mahal (Pink palace of wind), City Palace, Amer Fort, Nahargarh Fort, Jantar Manter, Jal Mahal, Jaigarh Fort, and Albert Hall Meuseum.
           Charming Pink colored Hawa Mahal in Jaipur

Lovely Amer Fort in Jaipur
Nanital – The place is well known for its natural beauty and charming views. The city is attracted by its steep undulating hills and mountainous region. Various excellent sightseeing in Nanital is Nanital Lake, snow views, Tiffin top, Naini peak, Pt. G.B Pant, Sattal Lake and GhoraKhal

Manificent Tiffin top
Kuari Pass Trek - Kuari indicates “an opening” is a Himalayan high mountain pass located in Garhwal locale of northern India. The Kuari Pass Trek is described by many explorers as mountain climbers.
Kuari Pass Trek like a preety canopy of clouds
Shimla – Beautiful, amazing views, yes we are talking about Shimla. Remarkable impressive eyeshot captured those visions that see at once. The thrilling splendid sights located in shimla are described as Jakhoo, Rashtrapati Niwas, The Ridge, Kalka-Shimla Railway, Christ Church, Summer Hill, Mall road for shopping and Shimla Glen.

Christ Church in Shimla

MussorieAnother center of attraction having exciting, refreshing views are massorie. It is a very charming place known for its awesome, greenery, valley, mountain, hill and beauty. The places to visit in Mussorie are Kempty Fall, Soham Heritage and Art culture, Lal Tabby, Cloud Ends, Shedup Choepelling Temple, Mussoorie Christ Church, Happy Valley, Gun Hill and Jwala Devi Temple.
Attractive Kempty fall in Mussoorie
Other then these there are innumerable gorgeous and fascinating spots and scenes in India which are known for its beauty, greenery and fantastic and interesting history. These entire stunning and attractive places are difficult to draw out at one page.
Important factors to choose which place to go for holiday trip
After such an alluring representation about different tourist places surely encourages you to plan for a holiday trip and spent a enjoying trips with your friends and family. But how you can decide where to go for holiday trip with friend? What are the preparations one should do for planning to go for trip? The important factors which should be consider before planning for holiday trip are briefed as
BudgetBudget are one of the most basic factor for choosing holiday trip. As enjoyment of any holiday trip demands some expense. The fare of transport to holiday trip depends on its distance between where you start to your final destination place to reach. Thus, plan your holiday trip according to cost you can afford to spend.
ClimateWeather or climate are another aspect one should think of. Always study the type of climate that particular place is having before planning. As most of the person especially old citizen are unable to bear too cold climate. Always prefer to go to these tourist places at pleasant weather.
ReligiousEach city is inhabitated by some population of different religion. Each follows different culture and tradition. Like Hyderabad are inhabitated by Hindu, Muslim, Jain and Christian. Although each and every religion is a point of respect and honor. But for some it seems unable to bear another religion custom and tradition. Thus, Religion should be considered before planning holiday trip.
Socio- economic factorEach city socio economic factor are determined by per capita income earned by the average local people in that region. It affects tourism as its socio economic situation defines the people’s way of living and also affects the services and facilities provide to the tourist. So one should not deny that.
AccommodationJust ensure that accommodation or arrangement of staying you are getting should be according to you and your budget. Check the accommodation charges of different rooms set in hotels before schedule for going to holiday trip.
FoodingEach city has its own type of food depending on vegetation they have in their local area. Food variety in different areas in India is also one of the determinant factors to think before choosing a place for holiday or vocational trip.
Apart from these factors, one should also be cautious on the trip as along with some elegant features of the city there may be some weak points also like charging too much for anything by seeing new people. So one must take precautions in all these matter as well.
Online Holiday and vocational packages and sites in India  - Now, there are various apps and sites which book your holiday packages for trip at a much reasonable rate. It includes fare ticket, staying charges in hotel or resorts, fare for visiting different places in that particular location. It provides all the holiday facilities at much reasonable rate. It also protects us from roaming here and there in a totally unknown place. It helps the tourist as it guides where to go and also it envision all the small and big famous places in a limited time. Most important the tourist will not miss to visit any famous area of that place. The charges of these holiday packages depends on the number of person going for the trip, distance, between the place and destination to reach, fare tickets may be of air tickets, railway tickets or bus tickets and rent of the hotel or lodges in which you stays. These sites are described as –
Make My Trip – Offers best accommodation, fares for airways or railways and expenses required to rome at a particular place at a much reasonable rate. This is one of the best sites one should try if you are planning for a holiday.

Thomas Cook Another trusted site for online booking for holiday trips at much discounted rate are Thomas cook at national and international level. It also provides travel insurance, visa services along with booking hotel, air tickets etc.

Other than these there are many more sites which you can go for booking hotel and other fares. These are Ticketgoose,, Travelguru, Clear Trip, Yatra, Travelchacha and Ezeegoo 1.
 India is a country of beauty and wide variety of colorful festival celebrated over here. Here we find an amalgamation of many religions named as Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Sikhism, and Jainism etc. They favor and celebrate each festival irrespective of their religion conjointly with each other. These festivals include Ganesha Chaturthi, Muharram Diwali, Holi, Dussehra, Sankranthi, Rakhi, Ramzan and a lot more. Each state celebrates these festivals along with many of their own local festival depending on the local religion and caste residing over there. One must visit to tourist places in this festive season also in order to see colorful views and enjoy the beautiful costumes, decorations, pooja and other similar customs and traditions.
So guys what you are waiting for. Common wake up and pack up your bags and plan your vocation trip with your friends. And have a amazing, mind refreshing trip wirh 
all the precautions necessary and also aware of determining factors to choose the location of the trip carefully.

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As our discussion starts into the wide array of health and nutrition, our first focus will be to select a right person or professionals or personnel concerning with nutritional science which is a mainstay for achieving good health and help us in protecting ourselves from various diseases. These diseases are most often associated with inappropriate lifestyle like diabetes, hypertension etc. The main focus of these professionals is to reveal facts about the type of nutrition or diet depending on our body,  nature of In Association with occupation or work, deportment and other factor concerned with our daily routine work. The main factor under consideration is the type of food that one is habituated with. Now good nutrition and proper diet is one of the important consideration for achieving good health along with other factors like our daily routine physical activity, our behavior and many more. These are the persons or professionals who advices and guide us so that we can take care of our nutrition and health in a right and appropriate manner and continue it by ourselves.  The main focus of these professionals or person is to unfold the mystery of nutrition and help us in reaching up a magic of good nutrition and throwing off the bad nutrition from our diet chart in order to attain good health. These professional or persons are named as nutritionist or dietitians or diet experts.. At the end of this write up  one will clearly establishes the roles and functions of dietitians or nutritionists as well as the importance of taking balance diet combining with regular exercises in our life and preventing ourselves from various diseases.What is nutrition Science?
Before we move further in our journey of nutritionist it is important to realize that you should have a brief knowledge of nutritional sciences under In Association with which these professionals gets training to guide or instruct us regarding consuming proper diet and other element concerned with this. Thus the nutritional science are elucidated as  
Nutritional Science is the study of the effects of food components on the metabolism, health, performance and disease resistance of human and animals. It also includes the study of human behaviors related to food choices.”Today, we define. Nutritional science is the investigation of how an organism is nourished, and incorporates the study of how nourishment affects personal health, population health, and planetary health. Nutritional science covers a wide spectrum of disciplines. As a result, nutritional scientists can specialize in particular aspects of nutrition such as biology, physiology, immunology, biochemistry, education, psychology, sustainability, and sociology Now emphasizing on the word food components which is a cornerstone of our overall health and behavior. Food components are the ingredients that we include in our daily diet. These components are termed as nutrients. Nutrients are well connected with nutrition. The word nutrition first appeared in 1551 and comes from the Latin word nutrire, meaning “to nourish.”Nutrition is defined as a consumption of food, pondered in relation to the body’s dietary needs. Nutrition can also be defined “as the sum of all processes involved in how organisms obtain nutrients, metabolize them, and use them to support all of life’s processes.” Amongest nutrients there are good and bad nutrients Now what does a good and bad nutrition mean. Good nutrition are the nutrients that provide strength to fight against diseases prevailing in nearby habitat or to enhance our psychological as well as physical function. Whereas bad nutrients have an undesirable and harmful effect on the body. Poor nutrition can lead to reduced immunity, increased susceptibility to disease, impaired physical and mental development and reduced productivity.  This is a brief description about good and bad health but as proper definition is In Association with concern the meaning of good nutrition varies from person to person. According to some less sugary food is considered as good nutrition while for others food having rich source of fruits and vegetables are included under good nutrition. But actually a good nutrition is defined as “an adequate, well balanced diet combined with regular physical activity” as per described by the nutritionist. Good health can also be enumerated as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity” as formulated by WHO in 1948. So
 Major Food Components

Major Food Components comprises of carbohydrate, proteins, Vitamins, Fat, minerals and some trace elements. As these components are indispensible part of our life i.e we cant survive without these ingredients that we called as balanced diet. so it is again essential that one should have an clear brief idea regarding their functions or role in  normal daily body functioning like movement, growth and many others and how they help us in protecting against diseases. Particular diseases with distinguishable signs and symptoms are seen with person suffering from deficiency of any of that respective food components mentioned above. Therefore, It is also equally essential to have a bit knowledge about these particular deficiency diseases.
Carbohydrate – One of the major food component widely distributed in our body having an important structural and metabolic roles. Glucose the most important dietary carbohydrate are a main source of energy as it is easily absorbed in bloodstream and provide energy in the form of ATP. Maltose, fructose, sucrose, glycogen (important role in plants) are other forms of carbohydrate having specific role in our body. Diseases associated with carbohydrate due to abnormal metabolism can be summarized as:
§  Diabetes Mellitus ( Most common disease causes due to abnormal or high sugar level I.e glucose)
§  Galactosemia
§  Various glycogen storage diseases
Lactose intolerance

ProteinsProteins are the physically and functionally complex macromolecule containing nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen, carbon and small amount of sulphur and has a wide role in our body. The main function of protein in our body is to provide support,  maintaining structural integrity fo the body, helps in providing oxygen to cell in the form of hemoglobin, constitute enzymes which catalyze or control various desirable reaction required for normal digestion in our body. Normal requirement of protein is 1gm for each kg of body weight. In conditions like pregnancy, lactation, infancy, childhood requires increased quantity of protein.
Diseases of protein are
·         Marasmas (Due to protein deficiency in adults especially in febrile illness, massive burn etc)
·         Kwashiorkor (Due to protein deficiency in children especially child taking low protein diet)
·         Amyloidosis (Due to deposit of abnormal proteinaceous deposit)

Vitamins – Vitamins are the organic substance not synthesized by the body and also essential for survival and normal growth. They are either fat or water soluble.
Fat soluble Vitamins are enumerated as -
·         Vitamin A – Vitamin A is necessary for normal eye vision. Its deficiency causes night blindness, xerophthalmia, keratomalacia
·         Vitamin D – Vitamin D is essential for normal growth and function of bone. Its deficiency causes rickets (causing deformity of bone in children), osteomalacia (Adult rickets)
·         Vitamin E  - These are known for its antioxidant properties and thus helps in preventing ageing of skin. Dietary vitamin E deficiency does not occur. Thus its deficiency is only seen in severe and chronic diseases like celiac disease, after resection of small intestine.

Water Soluble Vitamins are briefed as –
·         Vitamin K  or Koagulation vitamin - As the name suggest it helps in regulation of level of factor VII, IX, X and therefore actively involved in extrinsic and intrinsic coagulation. Its deficiency causes hypoprothombinemia
·         Vitamin C - Vitamin C is an important ingredient in our foodstuff as it act as an antioxidant, facilitates iron uptake in intestinal tract and in number of metabolic process. Its deficiency results in disease scurvy
·         Vitamin B ComplexVitamin B complex comprises of many well characterized vitamin like thiamine (vitamin B1), Niacin, Riboflavin (vitamin B2). They are needed for normal functioning of almost all the cells. Their deficiency causes glossitis in tongue, pellagra (characterized by rough skin) .
Fat or LipidFat or lipids are concerned with assimilation, utilization, replacement and synthesis of fatty acids. Their deficiency causes gaucher’s disease (lysosomal storage disorder).
Minerals - Minerals include calcium, phosphorous and magnesium. They play a important role in formation of bone teeth, maintenance of skeletal structure etc. Their deficiency causes osteoporosis (deficiency of calcium), tetany etc.
Trace Elements – It include iodine, copper, iron, zinc etc. They help in formation of thyroid hormone (Iodine), normal erythropoiesis and many more. Their deficiency leads to goiter (deficiency of iodine), anemia (copper deficiency) etc.

Who is nutritionist
After enumerating the list included in major food components and its diseases. it should also be realised that the the requirement of these major component vary from individual to individual.  It is also appropriate to know What is good nutrition and what is bad that has to be excluded from the diet. How good and bad nutrition affect and influences physical and mental well being of humans. Now all these dubiety are answered well by In Association with only one concerned person that is Nutritionist. or Dietitians or Diet Experts. Thus nutritionist is defined as “registered nutritionist is the qualified health professionals or personnel that analyze, diagnose and treat dietary and nutritional problems at both individual and public health level. They work on both healthy and sick person. Many person find it difficult to choose the right person to seek help and advice concerning with diet. Also, many nutritionists claim to be experts in nutrition although having a very limited knowledge and offer minimal or no protection to the public and individual. This leaflet helps in clearing the droughts at individual as well as mass public level.
Basic Qualification of Nutritionist
They belong to the voluntary self regulated professional register, UKVRN, held at present by the AfN and entitled as “Registered Nutritionist.”
Although their title is not protected by law yet their role in preventing various ailments cannot be denied.
From where their organization are regulated
These voluntary regulation are regulated by the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC). This is self-regulated and not independently regulated.
How can you check that nutritionist hired by you is registered or not
Nutritional are not eligible to register in either UK Voluntary Register of Nutritionists (UKVRN) or the Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC). Nutritional therapists or nutritionist are registered in the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council. This may be checked at
What actually these registered nutritionist does in healthy persons
In healthy person they are meant to guide to modify the diet that is appropriate for respective person so as to balance their biochemical imbalance. It also helps in assessing and preventing the risk of particular disease at a very initial level due to their bad lifestyle.
What treatment they offer in sick patients
In sick patient they first analyze the root cause of disease by proper history taking regarding their habitual diet, their nature of job as well as their daily routine etc. Based on these, their ailment can be diagnosed and should plan their treatment accordingly. Follow up are also equally important in these patients.
They offer treatment like high dose vitamins, detox, and food avoidance etc depending on type of ailment and
Where do they work
They visit individuals on private basis who wants to opt for alternative/complementary medicine.
At the end of this article now we realize the importance of these professionals. Nutrition is a common term which almost everyone is familiar with. But what actually the nutrition and what is considered as good nutrition is a bit complicated or confusing for many. Here lies a importance of these nutritionist who analyze, diagnose and treat the concerned disease. Although this article dealt with all the required information still it is advisable to be careful in hiring or considering advice from nutritionist. Also it is advisable to go through the concerned person you are considering to take advice from about their background and should have desired appropriate qualification. Once you are satisfied with all these issues and confirmed that they are eligible for being your consultant then go ahead. After all good health should be our priority and fundamental right also.

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